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Kozani Marble - Papathymiopoulos

Our company, with its own quarries, its own facilities and the 40 years of experience in the field of marble, can guarantee prompt services, the adequacy and quality of our products that can consistently meet the requirements of any construction, from a small building to a very big project.

40 Years of expertise in the marble industry

In 1973 John Papathymiopoulos founded one of the first marble companies in Kozani. In 1979 along with his brothers, Thimios and Vangelis created the company “MARBLE of KOZANI PAPATHYMIOPOULOS” (MKP), emphasizing on the Marble of Tranovalto, Kozani, and creating a vertically integrated unit on the 12th km of Servia – Tranovalto.

Simultaneously, MKP begins to operate in mining the famous marble of Kozani in two quarries in Tranovalto Kozani.

In 1989, MKP opens a new quarry in the region of Roditis, Kozani, where they mine the homonymous marble RODITI of Kozani, a marble proven to have excellent quality and incredible color homogeneity.

After nine years of increasing development in 1997, MKP expanded its business activity with a new processing plant in Beirut. Based in Beirut, the company promotes the Greek
Kozani Marble in many countries of the Middle East.

That same year (1997), MKP opens in Athens a Marble Exhibition Centre to better serve customers in Southern Greece.

MKP is an extroverted company with several participations in domestic and international exhibitions.

The exportations of the company led it to focus on and promote KozaniMarble successfully in many countries, as Germany, China, USA, Cyprus, Belgium, Austria, Kosovo, Albania and the countries of the Middle East.

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